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WaterPOINT 870 Optical Multi-Parameter Optical Water Quality Analyzer

Fast Actionable Results

WaterPOINT is designed to report up to 24 test results in just a few minutes providing your field personnel or lab with the information they need to make informed decisions. Gone are the days of waiting 60 - 90 minutes for field results or having to bring samples back to the lab for analysis hours or even days later.

Improve your customer service

WaterPOINT allows you to respond immediately to customer complaints and to provide professional water quality information while still at the site.  Water quality data is stored on WaterPOINT and a portable printer accessory enables you to print a water quality report – including user programmable quality ranges – on site. This access to information can enhance your professional image with residents and with your city council.

A more complete profile

WaterPOINT equips you to perform a complete profile at every stop – in less time than you currently spend for fewer tests. Information provided by these additional tests is crucial to protecting your water system. It gives you the ability to manage scaling, water aging and cross flow/cross connection contamination problems, in addition to providing critical information about water disinfection. 

Labor Savings... More Testing With The Same Personnel

WaterPOINT is designed to optimize your personnel by reducing the amount of time they have to spend doing complicated chemical tests or the duplication of gathering grab samples for later testing back in the lab. Now you can add new test sites or test the same sites more often without increasing overall costs.

A Field Instrument with Lab Accuracy

By taking all of the relevant measurements on a single sample while it is still fresh, WaterPOINT, with its self-contained sophisticated algorithms, is able to correct for temperature and other interfering compounds to produce a greater level of accuracy.

Easy To Use And Maintain

Sensicore’s WaterPOINT uses a semi-disposable silicon based chip that will last for 50 or 80 water profiles and does not require constant maintenance or cleaning. After the last test, just replace the sensor with a new one and continue the testing process.

No Special Training

WaterPOINT is a sophisticated instrument and does not require a significant amount of user interaction allowing field operators to produce highly accurate, lab quality results.

On-Board Data Storage

WaterPOINT comes with a significant amount of internal memory and is capable of storing over 250 water profiles. The system’s RS232 interface is also designed to download those results to your lab computer as required, thereby eliminating any transcription problems common with today’s chemical test kits and individual handheld devices.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: approx. W 6.3” (160mm) x D 8.7” (220mm) x H 4.0 (100mm)

Weight: less then 1.75 lbs (795g) with Battery Pack installed

Enclosure Rating : NEMA 13 / IP 65, indoor and outdoor use

Humidity : up to 95%, non condensing

Power Requirements : Power Supply with integrated battery charger for 100 – 240 VAC / 50-60 Hz Line Voltage or Power Supply for 12 VDC Automotive Power Outlet

Display & Keypad : 128x64 Pixel Monochrome Graphic with Backlit / 9-button Tactile Membrane

Data Retrieval : via Bluetooth or RS232 Serial Communication Port, up to 250 Profiles in CSV format with Time/Date Stamp, Sample Information and Applicable Diagnostics Messages

Storage Temperature : 5° - 150° F (-15° - 65° C) without sensor

Operating Temperature : 40° - 105° F (5° - 40° C)

Sample Temperature : 40° - 105° F (5° - 40° C)




WaterNOW is an innovative, web-based data visualization, analysis and decision support system that helps you manage your entire water system from the convenience of your desktop. This affordable service is accessible from any Internet connected computer and eliminates the need for you to buy and manage expensive hardware and software. More importantly, the sophisticated WaterNOW service is configurable to meet the most demanding needs and eliminates costly specialized software development.


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