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900 Series Automatic Switchover Gas Chlorinator

Integral Switchover Vacuum Regulator - Cylinder, Manifold or Ton Mounting

Feed Rates - Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide from 4 pounds/day (75 g/hr)
up to 500 pounds/day (10 kg/hr)

Liquid Chemical Feed Systems

  • All vacuum, No moving Parts, & No Electricity.
  • Much more reliable than metering pumps!
  • System for feeding a variety of liquid chemical solutions(Including Sodium Hypochlorite and others).
  • Available feed rates from 0.5 up to 80 Gallon/Hour.
  • (12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite Calculations):
    GPM x 0.012 x PPM = GPD

Gas Leak Detector - GA-170

  • Up to four sensors per control module.
  • Backlit LCD Display-2 line, 16 characters per line.
  • Simple keypad operation.
  • User friendly calibration and operation.
  • Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, and other gases.
  • Relays: Two common plus two adjustable per sensor.
  • Latching/Non-Latching & Failsafe/Non-Failsafe outputs.
  • Danger/Warning LED's & 90 dB audible alarm built-in.
  • 12 hour battery backup option.
  • 4-20 mA output available.

OV-110 Omni Valve

  • Automatic feed of Chlorine gas, Sulfur Dioxide gas, Ammonia gas, Sodium Hypochlorite & other liquid chemicals.
  • Linear drive design eliminates rotary motion - means minimal wear.
  • Max Capacity: 2000 PPD Gas or 7 GPM Liquid Chemical Feed.
  • 2 line x 20 character display.
  • Control Modes: Manual, Flow Pacing, Proportional, Residual, ORP,Compound Loop (PID) and Step-Feed.
  • Contact alarm output and offers standard 4-20 mA output.
  • Ten point linearization process for accurate control.
  • Includes delays, filters and threshold adjustment.


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