CLX Online Residual Chlorine Monitor

User selectable features and innovative design sets the new CLX OnLine Residual Chlorine Monitor apart from the competition.  Cycle times that are adjustable from 90 seconds to 10 minutes, 4-20mA and Modbus outputs that can control feed pumps and user settable alarms equates to low operating and maintenance costs.  A new flow through design maintains cuvette cleanliness and allows for viewing of optical operations.  The strong, shatterproof case that opens to facilitate reagent replacement also allows easy access to all service functions which reduces maintenance time.  Unattended operation and low chemical usage equates to low operating cost.


Free or Total Chlorine:
an be used to measure Free or Total Chlorine.
Low Operating Costs:

Low Reagent use translates into low operating cost of pennies a day. User Selectable Cycle Times:
Cycle times can vary between 90 seconds and 10 minutes.
Colorimetric DP D Chemistry

Uses inexpensive DPD chemistry rather than expensive electrodes.
Simple Operation:

Designed for unattended operation up to 30 days.

Microprocessor Based Technology:

Microprocessor based technology ensures high quality at the industry's lowest price.

Drinking Water, Wastewater and More:


Two user selectable alarms for sample concentration.

4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus

USEPA Accepted

Made in the USA


Chlorine Pocket Photometer

The Chlorine Pocket Photometer gives you the accuracy expected from your laboratory, no matter where you happen to be. With the added HF scientific's New PPD-2 Powder Pop Dispenser the Chlorine Pocket Photometer is packaged in a self contained, rugged carrying case, and has everything needed for measuring Free or Total Chlorine.


Laboratory Accuracy in the Field
Microprocessor technology together with rugged construction ensures accuracy and durability in the roughest environments.
Integrated Packaging
Self contained packaging provides convenient access to everything needed to conduct a test.
DPD Dispenser
New PPD-2 DPD Powder Pop Dispenser simplifies the handling of DPD reagent.
Auto Shut Off
Pocket Photometer extends battery life by automatically shutting off when not in use
EPA Approved Method-Chlorine Photometer

Meets Standard Method 4500-Cl G. DPD Colorimetric Method for measuring residual chlorine.




Micro TPI Handheld Turbidometer

Designed to provide the ease of portability needed in the field with rugged durability, the Micro TPI is a "must have" for anyone monitoring turbidity on the go.  The shock-resistant carrying case holds everything needed for field operation while the instrument itself removes easily to go wherever you need it.  With resolution of 0.01 NTU and an extended range to 1,100 NTU, the Micro TPI is a perfect partner for field use.

Rugged Portable Carrying Case     

Ensures durability and convenience no matter where your sample happens to be.

Waterproof housing allows sample measuring and cleaning in any wet environment.

Completely Self-Contained
Contains everything you need, including battery pack, manual, and calibration standards.

Auto Ranging 0 - 1100 NTU
Instrument senses turbidity level of sample and automatically adjusts to the appropriate measurement.

Simple Calibration Procedures
Calibration initiated with the push of a button ensures accurate readings.    

Economical Cost

Over 5000 Tests on a single set of 4 - AAA alkaline batteries.
Made in the USA


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