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Chlorine Tank Scale for Ton Containers

Vessel type Portable Horizontal tanks, 1-6 tank units
Capacity Up to 2000 lbs (1000 kgs) net per tank
Typical Applications Chlorine * Sulfur Dioxide * Ammonia * Freon * Hydrochloric Acid

Today, after more than 30 years and over 15,000 units installed worldwide, the Chlor-Scale® continues to be the most durable and reliable system available for monitoring chlorine ton containers and sulfur dioxide ton containers. Our scale frames are built of heavy-duty Grade ASTM A36 steel and then coated with a 2-party epoxy finish. Zinc plated steel roller trunnions safely cradle the container and allow easy rotation of the tank for correct valve positioning.

The unique pivoted design of the Chlor-Scale requires only a single load cell, increasing scale reliability. The design also distributes the majority of impact during tank loading to massive steel hinges instead of to the load cell, adding even further to the durability of the scale.

Unlike other scales, the Chlor-Scale comes pre-calibrated and installation is extremely simple with no pit or special installation personnel required. The Chlor-Scale accommodates most international tank sizes including tanks with roller bands.

4-20mA outputs allow real time chemical status to be viewed from your PLC or computer and other options include low-level alarm relays, tank restraining straps or chains, and chart recorders. Chlor-Scale models are available for monitoring up to six manifolded ton containers.

We pioneered this application and we perfected it. Backed by our unprecedented Performance Guarantee, buying a Chlor-Scale means you are buying the most experienced ton container scale in the water treatment industry.


CHLOR-SCALE® 150 Cylinder Scales
Vessel type Vertical compressed gas cylinders
Capacity up to 200 lbs (100 kg) net, 1-6 cylinder units
Typical Applications Chlorine * Sulfur Dioxide * Ammonia * Carbon Dioxide * Hydrochloric Acid

When we launched The CHLOR-SCALE 150 in 1993, we changed the way the world weighs chlorine gas cylinders. Up until then, mechanical and electronic chlorine cylinder scales, ammonia cylinder scales and SO2 cylinder scales were not designed with the user in mind. They were hard to repair, remote mounted indicators were not available, and they required replacement every year or two due to corrosion. We took our 25 years of hydraulic scale manufacturing experience and created the first ever hydraulic cylinder scale.

We designed The CHLOR-SCALE 150 specifically to weigh chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide & ammonia cylinders used in small treatment plants, well heads, booster stations and various industrial plants. A low overall height of only 1-5/8 inches (4 cm) allows cylinders to be easily rolled on and off without lifting and our wall mounted chaining bracket provides the safest possible installation by securing the cylinder to the building structure itself. Optional remote mounted indicators (up to 25') provide operators with an added level of convenience and safety by preventing unnecessary entry into the chlorine building. The CHLOR-SCALE 150 has a 100% PVC platform coated with our exclusive 80 mil thick Tuf-Coat Environmental Armor and uses corrosion resistant fasteners and fittings. This makes our scale survive for years and years without any damage from corrosion, UV light, impact or abrasion. Our incredibly simple "pivoted platform" design has no moving parts either. This means that there are no flexures, levers or mechanical links that are susceptible to corrosion, bending or breaking.

We can combine any of our hydraulic and electronic indicators with the Chlor-Scale 150 making it possible to create a system offering you exactly what your application requires.

A full 5-year warranty backs each and every CHLOR-SCALE 150 including the platform, load cell and indicator. Buying a CHLOR-SCALE 150 gas cylinder scale means you are buying the original and the best!

SOLO® 1000 Digital Weight Indicator
Simple Operation, Economical Price

Channels: 1 or 2


mV/V (Scale) or 4-20mA (Ultrasonic)
Power: 110 or 240 VAC, 5w
Outputs: Standard 4-20mA
Display: Dual Line, 16 Characters/Line, Backlit LCD
Increments: 0.1 lb/kg minimum
Units: Lbs, Kgs, Gallons, Liters
Resolution; Up to 12,000 counts
Zero/Tare Adjust: Sealed 10-Turn Potentiometer
Enclosure: NEMA 4X (IP67), Structural Foam Molded

The SOLO® 1000 digital indicator provides a simple and economical way to monitor chemical usage or level in your chemical feed system. Combined with our scales or ultrasonic sensors, the SOLO can display the weight, volume or level of the remaining chemical. Start-up and operation requires only the turning of a single tare/zero adjust knob located within easy reach but out of normal site to prevent tampering. The backlit LCD display reads down to 0.1 lb/kg increments, making the SOLO ideal for applications that require high resolution.

Housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, the SOLO offers excellent protection against harsh environments, such as chemical rooms and outdoor installations. Microprocessor based electronics provide enhanced resolution and each indicator comes with 4-20mA outputs for remote monitoring through a PLC or SCADA system. In addition, optional level alarm relays can warn of high or low chemical conditions.

Designed with versatility in mind, the SOLO is available as a single or dual channel indicator that can be used with any of our electronic scales or ultrasonic sensors. The SOLO can also be used to easily convert any existing Force Flow/Floquip hydraulic system to electronic. Now there is an economical digital indicator with the same quality and dependability that our chemical monitoring systems have provided for over 30 years.


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